Thursday, July 15, 2010

signs of the times

interesting signs, posters, graffiti, and such, from places i've visited around the philippines. reposting this here from my multiply page, but with some changes and additions.


need i say more? restroom graffiti, banilad town center, cebu city.

if a bisaya coño made a no urinating sign, it would probably end up like this. dumaguete city.

if health is wealth, i guess it follows. dumaguete city.

way apil ang di palaihi. ormoc city.

a government engineer's way of wooing his beloved... using public money. nice. daan maharlika, tacloban city.

"wharf porter's ass." hmmm... cagayan de oro.

at least they spelled "committee" correctly. cagayan de oro.

a happy politician. good for him! cagayan de oro.

burger for 35 pesos, but fries and coke for 50 pesos? at a restaurant in mambajao, camiguin.

nice closing time sign. at an eatery in mambajao, camiguin.

that's the spirit! on a truck parked outside paras beach resort, camiguin.

it's funny how one letter in one word can lead to a wide divergence of a statement's meaning between 2 languages spoken on the same island. waray and bisaya are the 2 major languages spoken in leyte. when the statement ("prinsipyo nga diri mapapalit") is read in waray, it means "principle that canNOT be bought". but if read in bisaya, it means "principle that can be bought HERE". tacloban city.

basketball as a vehicle for natural selection. bayawan city, negros oriental.

no need to apologize. sibulan, negros oriental.

good luck, bai. mabolo, cebu city.

it really does slow you down. mandaue city.

lesson learned from watching episodes of CSI: the toilet is not a very good place to hide evidence. at a hotel somewhere in makati.

gibuwagan siguro. mabolo, cebu city.

kerosene is cheap. mandaue city.

this neighborhood sure has a bad reputation. mabolo, cebu city.

gwapo daw. mandaue city.

the equivalent of a no parking sign in the countryside. alcoy, cebu.

you better not be late for lunch! mandaue city.

yet another approach to a no urinating sign. near carbon market, cebu city.

i guess they'll disable you if you enter the room. dalaguete, cebu.

the citizenry showing their sentiments. mandaue city.


if this were a contest, this sign would probably be the winner. or rather, the wiener.

no urinating sign, mandaue city.

conclusion: palaihi gyud ta mga pinoy, no?


Eric Rogero said...

Kuya, nindot lagi ni hehehe nalingaw ko og basa

kenneth said...

@eric: ang 3 ka pic diha duol ra sa church :)

Eric Rogero said...

wa jud ko kabantay anang mga pic heehe

JAbbeRedONiON said...

nice captures ken. nalingaw ko. sige ko agik-ik. hahaha

kenneth said...

@debbie: hehehe thank u po :)